Cute world

The concepts of "feminine" and "masculine" are limited and limiting when they refer only to the naturalness of the body, disregarding the symbolic, historical, and social construction of gender. CUTE aims to highlight the strong power of singular uniqueness and the intrinsic differences in every human being.

We believe in

: the Power of BeYouty
: the Importance of Soul beyond Body
: fun for Fun
: the multiple Identities of Everyone
: free Self-Expressions
: equality as a Goal to achieve
: the shining Magnetism of Colors&Emotions
: being cute as the one and only Rule of Life
: fashion as a Future Cultural Change Driver
: the Right of becoming what we feel and prefer to be
: the Value of Love above Differences
: the Wonder of imperfect Humans


CUTE swimsuits are 100% Made in Italy. We have the Quality in mind and the Future of the Planet in our hearts. Created in a small family-run company in Lombardy with an all-female workforce, CUTE garments are made of eco-sustainable lycra, produced with a 100% regenerated Nylon thread from pre- and post-consumer waste materials. 

Instead of being disposed of in landfills, they are regenerated by Aquafil through a complex physical-chemical decomposition process.

Bon Bon Bag

CUTE comes in our transparent pink pouch made of certified recycled Italian PVC, which is high quality,
delightful to the touch, and reusable however you like.

Cute for any model body

"CUTE is a cultural project that goes beyond fashion. Through beachwear, I would like to bring people
closer and unite them instead of dividing and make them feel separate or different. CUTE is about
people, not about men or women"

Daniele Cetroni – Founder and Creative Director of CUTE